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Friday, January 9, 2015

Introduction to Web Design

Introduction to Web Design

This tutorial is suitable for beginners in the field of web design. It includes:
  1. Introduction - You are here.
  2. HTML - An introduction to the computer language which forms the heart of web pages. Although it's not absolutely necessary to know this stuff, you should still read this page to get an idea of how it works.
  3. Editors - Tools you can use to help create websites.
  4. Hosting - How to find a home (host server) for your website.
  5. Publish! - How to upload your site to the internet so that other people can visit it.
Important Note: Before taking this tutorial or attempting to build a website, you must have a basic understanding of the infrastructure which makes up the internet. You need to know what a server is, how websites exist and how people access them. If you don't understand these things you should not begin constructing your site! Instead you should take our short WWW Primer which explains it nice and simply. Then return here and carry on...

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