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Friday, January 9, 2015

Getting Started

It can all look very intimidating for the beginner, but if you know how to surf the internet and use a word processor then you should have no trouble making a website.
However, the single biggest mistake we see from beginners is trying to do too much too soon. Whatever your level of experience with computers and the internet, it's absolutely critical that you take things slowly and don't get ahead of yourself. Website construction is a minefield. If you have a map you'll be fine, but if you think it looks easy and go charging in you'll end up coming apart!
Many software applications will tell you that web design is easy. It's common to see claims such as "Make your own website in minutes -- no experience necessary!". In our opinion these claims are misleading -- you simply can't learn enough in a few minutes to have any chance of success. You can learn the basics in an hour or so, but you'll need a lot longer if you want to be any good.
People often ask us to recommend a computer program which will allow them to create fantastic websites. They sometimes show us a website they like and say "I want a program that will make sites like this." This scenario is somewhat like taking a photo of a house into a hardware shop and saying "I want a hammer which will make a house like this".
So here's the first reality check: There is no such thing as a program which makes good sites. Although some programs are more helpful than others, in the end it's up to you. Good websites aren't impressive because they were made with a good program, they are impressive because they were made by an experienced person. To make a great site you need to do a great deal of learning. There are no shortcuts

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